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2018/05 No stock transactions in the period of 27, May - 26, June 2018 as stock holders meeting on 26th June
2017/06 No stock transactions in the period of 31, May - 30, June 2017 as stock holders meeting on 30th June
2015/04 No stock transactions in the period of 26, Aprial - 25, May 2015
2014/04 New iD8608 PWM Sync. Boost converter, Low-voltage startup chip, designed for mobile devices
2014/02 New iD878 serial, Vin4.2V-18V DC-DC Sync. Buck converter applications in consumer products with high efficient networking & communication
2013/07 New iD821 serial, applications for Vin 5V or below, DC-DC Buck converter with high efficiency and low-ripple and high dynamic response time
2013/06 No stock transactions in the period of 14-18 June 2013
2012/02 iDesyn released power management IC for USB 3.0 Pen driver application. The two-channel iD8236 is the ultimate solution for very limited PCB space for pen driver, providing one adjustable high efficient DCDC power and other LDO output.
2011/11 iDesyn announced ultra tiny 1x1 DFN package for low current LDOs. It is the ultimate solution for the thin and small handheld device, such as smart phone and tablet PC.
2011/08 iDesyn announced synchronous step down DCDC solutions. The iD8882 and iD8884 convert high input voltage up to 23V to a lower output voltage and provide continuous 2A and 3A, respectively.
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